The people we work with are people who like to get on with things. We understand – we do too. That’s why we apply and follow a manifesto based on mutual trust, respect and shared outcomes from the moment we both agree to work together. No complex agreements. No wrangling with legalese.  

The ValueMaker Manifesto is simple. If you – or we – want to walk away, that’s OK. As long as we have an open discussion first, and we mutually agree it’s the best decision we can make together. We believe this approach encourages shared commitment to keep moving forward in a fair, equal and positive way.

At the end of the day, ValueMaker relationships should be about positivity and possibility – and that comes from open doors and open conversations.

Value Exchange



We believe in adding value so much that we'll only benefit from commercial growth when you do. Here’s how it works...


Stage 1: Sparking inspiration


Step One

You've got a business with big potential – but you don't know how to realise it. It's time to connect.


Step Two

We get to know each other – you discover what we do, how we do it and why it's worth working with us. We want to understand your business, your ambitions and your hunger to achieve.


Step Three

We all get excited – about the opportunity to step change your growth and help you to love your business again.


Step Four

We define the development cycles to achieve your ambitions – and help you define the vision, mission, strategy and structure to get there.


Our relationship stays informal until this point.

Why? To start our relationship the way we mean to continue – a mutual and beneficial value exchange that only works if we share a common goal and the commitment to get there.

Stage 2: Igniting potential


Step Five

Decision time – if we decide to work together, it’s time to implement a more detailed programme, turning strategic thinking into actionable plans.


Step Six

Unlock access to the full ValueMaker team to turn plans into reality – you pay a monthly management fee, much lower than the day rate for us all as individuals.





Step Seven

No contracts – we have to both want to work together to succeed – and we’re both free to walk away at any time. That’s the ValueMaker Manifesto in action.




Stage 3: Joining forces


Step 8

Decision time – if we’ve made ourselves indispensable and you’ve shown us your appetite for change, it’s time to discuss ValueMaker’s share in your business. 


Complete Freedom

If, at anytime, you don’t feel that you’re getting value from us, (or we don’t feel you’re really open to doing what’s necessary to achieve your ambitions) we can each walk away. All we ask is that whoever makes that decision, buys the other party lunch and explains why.