Take control of your success story.


There’s no one-size-fits all approach from ValueMaker – every business is individual, and needs an individual route to turn potential into success. From underpinning big ambitions with sound commercial strategy and a solid financial bedrock, through to softer challenges like building and nurturing a team fit to deliver great things, we add what’s needed to ignite success.


Depending on your ambitions, circumstances and requirements, we’ll work with you across three key areas:


Connecting ambition with action

Successful business growth starts with sound strategy. We’ll help you define a direction that will open doors and increase your business...

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Empowering people to succeed

Your business’ biggest asset isn’t your big idea. It’s the team who make it happen. We can help you celebrate, value and empower them...

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Creating financial

You’ve got the idea. You’ve built the team. Your customers are engaged. But do you have the firm financial foundations to take it up a level?... 

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From research, planning and helping your people feel on-board about changes, right through to exit strategy the ValueMaker team adds the expertise you need to succeed.


Business planning

We’ll work with you to co-create a practical, realistic business plan that becomes  your operational guidebook, informing every business decision you make in the future.


Internal communications

We work with you and your team to identify the best way to develop internal communications, which ensure everyone is working towards your business objectives.



Internal and external analysis

Knowing your place in the landscape is vital to business success. We'll work with you to analyse your business’ core strengths and challenges to develop a thorough understanding of how you can compete most effectively within your industry.


Exit strategy

Selling your business can be risky – and costly –without the right expert support. Be confident and in control of your exit strategy by adding our extensive, hands-on experience: you’ll achieve the best business valuation, so you can sell at the best possible price.


Change management

Change brings opportunities – but it can be disruptive. We’ll help your team feel happy and confident as you pursue new directions, safeguarding well-being, supporting productivity, and making sure you bring your best people with you as you grow.


Ready to turn your business ambitions into achievable actions? It starts with a conversation.



Stepping up and turning big ambitions into successful reality takes more than sound strategy and financial strength. The difference between ambition and actualisation lies with your people. Empower them, engage them and help them feel positive about change, and potential becomes possibility.


Embedding excellence

Through team-building, performance development initiatives and – when it’s needed – conflict management, we’ll help you develop your people and take your business forward. From creating a positive culture through to identifying gaps and recruiting inspiring new people, we’ll make your business a place where people thrive.


Process mapping

It’s the way you’ve always done it. But is it the most efficient way? An outsider’s perspective can sharpen your processes, helping you save time and drive value growth. And because our team are positive, we know how to get your people on board as we take you on a journey of evolution.



Everyone needs a little personalised support from time to time, and ValueMaker coaching helps you get the most out of every individual. It’s about understanding what motivates and empowers people, and giving you – and your team – the tools to connect, communicate and succeed together.


Recruitment strategy

Getting the right people in place is an integral part of business success. Through an internal audit of your current skills and resource levels, we can help you see where you can upskill your current team, and spot gaps where you’ll need to bring in new people. We’ll even help you recruit top talent when the time comes.


Change management

Change is disruptive. But we can help people understand what’s happening, and why it’s great news for them. The result? An energised, engaged team. Suppliers who back your new accelerated development 110%. And customers who know they got into a good thing early!


Performance improvement programmes

Let’s be honest. There’s always room for improvement. So whether your team’s underperforming, or you’re looking to take them to the next level, we’ll develop the right strategy to boost performance, energy and excitement.


Ready to empower your people to achieve even more? It starts with a conversation.



Money matters. Your strategy – and people – may be exceptional, but sound financial planning and evaluation will always be the bedrock of business success.


Business valuation

Understanding where you are today is a vital element of succeeding tomorrow. We help with that, determining your current business valuation, then setting realistic, yet ambitious targets for future valuations. And – of course – we’ll work with you to create the action plan to get there.


Finding the right financial support

There’s so much financial support out there for businesses, but knowing what’s right for your specific circumstances isn’t easy. We’ll add the expertise and perspective you need to understand what’s out there – and what’s right for your specific needs.


Financial visibility

We work with you to develop a more complete view of your financial position. That means understanding what’s happening with your cash flow, map and implement internal systems and processes. As a result, you’ll be informed, confident and ready to be brave and decisive when it comes to managing resources and making investments.


Adding expertise

Not everyone wants to manage financial matters in-house. And if you’d rather focus on business and leave financial management to experts, we’ll help you find the right people and partners to take the financial pain away.


Want help establish firm financial foundations and make sure you’ve got the right focus for tomorrow? It starts with a conversation.