Meet the ValueMaker team

We are experienced business professionals with skills in leadership, financial management, marketing, coaching, commercial strategy and talent development. Every member of our team has successfully bought, grown and sold a business – from the inside – so you can rely on us for proven, practical expert support. 

The Team

Ian Beswetherick

Co-Founder, Director and Chief Strategist

Ian works with you to identify long-term personal, business and financial goals. Then he'll help you find the most-efficient strategy for bringing all of them together and make them happen. His motto is ‘the greatest return comes when simplicity works with reality’.


Clare Goodrham

Director and Chief Engineer

Clare can listen to the sound your company makes and instinctively know if you are doing the right things in the right way to achieve your short and long-term objectives. Then she’ll work with you to make the real-time changes you need to stay on course. 



Zoë Tibell

Co-Founder, Director and Chief Navigator

Zoë ensures you know exactly where you are financially and where you’ll be as a result of the decisions you make. She encourages intelligent risk-taking by dimensionalising the size of the risk and checking the company's resources are in place to handle it.


Gareth Coombs

Chairman and Chief Astronomer

Gareth is the man who’s got your back when development feels difficult. He helps you see that there’s a clear path from where you are today to where you want to be tomorrow. He empowers you to make change happen, supporting individuals and teams to evolve thinking and behaviour and unlock the next level of success.




Anne Blanden


Anne has 18 years experience of successfully investing in SMEs. She has led many equity-based funds' involvement in this dynamic area.
Her unique skill lies in the ability to understand
the needs and concerns of both management
and investor. She is strong at both the strategic and operational level so is able to directly guide and develop a team's ability to create and deliver
value-enhancing plans. Anne joined ValueMaker
as an Associate in 2016 with a strong desire to work with ambitious SMEs who are looking to realise their full potential.