Things to do more of in 2017


Things to do more of in 2017


How will 2018 start for you? If 2017 has begun with a clear plan and an aligned and focused leadership team it is likely that 2018 will begin with a buzz of happy optimism. If things aren’t quite so clear it’s time to get focused.

2017 feels like the kind of year that isn’t going to be waiting around for stragglers. With that in mind – this is our check list of things to be on top of throughout 2017.



Focus on your customers’ needs, not what you need their needs to be. Get radical if you want to remain relevant.


Focus on your people. Aligned, engaged, motivated people will change what the business is capable of.


Achieve forward financial clarity. Knowing where you are and the effects of any changes instantly will transform the quality of your decision making.


Identify the blind spots in the business and attack them. These often form around things the business doesn’t want to address so be prepared to enter the discomfort zone.


Understand the AI revolution, how quickly it’s coming and what it might mean for your business – good and bad. If you think it won’t affect you - be prepared to be tsunamied.


ValueMaker would like to wish every SME good luck in 2017. And remember, the best SME’s will make their own luck!