ValueMaker supports teenage entrepreneur raising money for charity expedition to Cambodia


ValueMaker supports teenage entrepreneur raising money for charity expedition to Cambodia


At ValueMaker we love working with entrepreneurs. We are energised by empowering passionate people to succeed and realise their ambition.

Which is why we are especially delighted to be working with a very special young entrepreneur who is looking to be part of a major charity initiative and faces a tough challenge to achieve his goal.


15-year-old Marcus Cunnington is striving to raise £3,000 to join a Camps International expedition to Cambodia in 2018.

Camps International organise ethical and sustainable school expeditions across Africa, Asia and South America. Students are put to work on projects which transform communities and help them overcome the significant issues they face such as access to education, housing and clean water.


The trips also aim to challenge a student’s view of the world, expose them to different cultures, teach them new life skills and help them realise the difference one person can have on the world with the right attitude and hard work.


Getting shirty for the right cause

To reach his £3,000 target Marcus – a student at the Samuel Ryder Academy in St Albans - has set about coming up with all sorts of fundraising concepts and putting them into action.

Showing a flair for promotion and marketing, Marcus’s most successful idea to date was contacting several organisations - including ValueMaker - offering advertising space on a t-shirt he planned to wear at all fundraising activities as well as on the expedition itself.

“I’ve managed to raise a £1,000 through t-shirt sponsorship,” said Marcus. “It’s by far the most I’ve raised from one single activity. I’ll be sharing images of me in my shirt as often as I can across social media and online. It’s wonderful to have the support of ValueMaker for something that means so much to me and I’m very grateful for their backing.”

In addition to the t-shirt income, Marcus has been busy doing everything from selling cakes at school fairs to earning money as a football referee.

“I recently qualified to be a football referee,” explained Marcus. “Some weekends I referee two games for games involving teams with players ranging from ages eight to fourteen. Everything I earn from this I put towards Cambodia.”

A keen rugby player, Marcus also plans to take a small rugby ball along with him to help him engage with the local children he’ll meet and “maybe teach them a new skill”.

ValueMaker proud to support passion

To date, Marcus has raised an impressive £2,136. Meaning he is over two-thirds of the way to his final target.

“I was really impressed by the positive way Marcus has gone about raising the funds,” said Ian Beswetherick, Co-Founder and Director at ValueMaker. “£3,000 is a daunting target for anyone to raise, let alone a 15-year-old boy in school. I admire the entrepreneurial spirit he’s shown in not just coming up with good ideas – such as the t-shirt – but putting in the work to make those ideas a reality.

“The focus Marcus has shown in going after his goal is admirable and I’ve little doubt the fundraising process will teach him almost as many valuable life skills as the expedition itself. We are delighted to have contributed to Marcus’s fundraising and proud to be one of the logos on his t-shirt. I’ve no doubt he’ll hit his target in no time and we look forward to seeing our logo on him in Cambodia!”

“I am really looking forward to immersing myself in a new culture, seeing new places and trying new foods,” said Marcus. “But most of all, I’m excited about being part of something that’s helping people less fortunate than I am.”

Based on his efforts so far, nobody at ValueMaker has any doubt that Marcus will soon raise the full amount and be set for the experience of a lifetime. Everyone at ValueMaker wishes Marcus the very best of luck.

How can you help Marcus hit his goal?

There are a couple of ways to help Marcus’s fundraising efforts. Firstly, if you shop online – for anything from travel insurance to toasters – you can help Marcus raise money by signing up to his easyfundraising account here. Easyfundraising is connected with over 3,240 online shops and sites. If you register with Marcus’s details and make a purchase with any of the affiliated stores and sites, a commission from these purchases will be given to Marcus’s cause.

Alternatively, you can donate directly to Marcus’s dedicated bank account. Drop a line to [Marcus Cunnington via and mention ValueMaker] to find out more.